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Day – Friday 13th July

I haven’t read anything today. and feel bad. I still have more of the day left though so hopefully will get something in. 

I had a driving test this morning which I was really nervous about – I had a quick prayer with God and my Mum said she also prayed for me last night and this morning!! 

I passed! 🙂 which I am really pleased about! I will no be able to drive legally and also with our new baby soon arriving I will now be able to think about going to see my parents with baby in tow!!!

I will hopefully be back again today.



Hello world!

New to blogging and not sure what I will blog about – but I do want to keep track of thoughts, a bit like a journal.

– First off , my request to go part time at work has gone through, which is fantastic. I will now have two week days off in which to do as I please.

– I get stressed a lot – hence the part time hours – so I want to make sure I use the two days a week to their full advantage.

– Second of all – I am trying to read all of the Psalms, I like to think that by the end of reading them, I will be changed or renewed. I basically want to get to know God, and include Him in my life more.

– Lastly, I saw Senna last night, it got me quite emotional – an amazing film.

end of first blog